Perpetual Resources

Wind is a natural perpetual resource

What are Perpetual Resources?

Perpetual resources are renewable resources that cannot be exhausted, regardless of their rate of use. Perpetual resources are natural resources, because they are provided by nature without human intervention. But not all natural resources are perpetual resources: some natural resources can cease to be renewable if used in excess or unsustainably.

Examples of perpetual resources

- Wind.
- Solar energy.
- Waves and Tides.
- Geothermal Energy.


Investment Project

What is an Investment Project

An investment project is a detailed proposal of an expenditure of liquid resources, with the objective of taking actions that will lead to future profits.

- An investment project is made before the investment itself.

- An investment implies an expenditure of resources, but it doesn’t necessarily means that those resources are our own resources: a lot of investments are carried out by borrowing money.


Political Economy

The term “political economy” was used from the 18 century and until the 19 century, as a synonym of what was understood as economics or economic science during that time. Nowadays, there is a discipline called political economy and it’s not a synonym of economy. It is a branch of social sciences that studies the relations between society, state, markets and people. It is the study of the state administration, taking into account economic, political and sociological elements.


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