Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a new concept of dealing with customers and a methodology for acquiring and maintaining customers. It’s based on being helpful, human and customer oriented in all phases of the customer acquisition process, and includes techniques and channels based on Internet, like social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and content marketing.


Microeconomic Variables

Microeconomic variables

Microeconomics studies studies individual units, like families or businesses. Macroeconomics studies economic aggregates.

Microeconomic variables are those patterns or elements that can be used to describe the behavior of a person or an individual economic unit, like a business. A variable is a magnitude that may have different values in different periods of time. Variables are measurements that help to understand the behavior of economic units or the behavior of the economy as whole.


Real Exchange Rate - Definition and Data [IMF]

The real exchange rate measures the price of foreign goods relative to the price of domestic goods.

Mathematically, the real exchange rate is the ratio of a foreign price level and the domestic price level, multiplied by the nominal exchange rate.


R = (E.P*)/P

R: real exchange rate
E: nominal exchange rate
P*: foreign price level
P: domestic price level


Invest in Ethereum


Investing in Ethereum is a good alternative for people interested in disrupting innovations with high growth potential and cryptocurrencies in general, and be willing to accept the inherent high price volatility.

Investors in cryptocurrencies are advised to diversify it’s portfolio, and only invest money if they are able to afford capital losses in the case of short term price fall. Anyway, Ethereum is a promising technology in the long term.


Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation at a Factory

Technical Innovation

What is Technical Innovation

Technical Innovation is the process of implementing new ideas, related with practical knowledge or experience, into a productive process.

Technical innovation results in lower production costs or greater value added. Lower production costs can arise from better production processes. Greater value added can arise from new features or higher quality.


What is Innovation?


What is Innovation

Innovation is the process of implementing a new idea or invention. The result of this process is to generate more added value, reduce costs or offering a new product or service to the market.

Innovation vs Invention

Innovation should not be mistaken for invention. The word invention refers to just the creation of a new idea or method. Innovation not only refers to the creation of a new idea, but also to its application in a productive process.



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