Data science

Hiring Data Scientists: Tips from the Experts

Technical Skills

Technical skills requirements vary broadly on a case-by-case basis. As a basis, all data analyst/scientist must be able to manipulate data, usually with Python or R, and sometimes with software like SAS, and have a good understanding of statistics.

Given that basis, further technical skills requirements vary broadly on a case-by-case basis.

Traditional predictive analytics might require knowledge and experience with R, Python or some specific tools such as Stata or SAS.


Goodhart's Law


What is the Goodhart’s Law?

Goodhart’s Law states that individuals can anticipate the effects of a policy when evaluating the outcome of its actions, thus manipulate the policy.

When the focus is set in only one measure, people optimize that single measure.


Data Science

Data Science is a group of tools, techniques and disciplines that focus on converting large amount of data into valuable information that can be used to explain the relationship between several variables, generate prediction models and ultimately better deliver products or services.

Interest in Data Science exploded in the last years. Many companies are jumping into data science to better understand data to better deliver products and services. Several research centers are investing heavily in Data Science, including the University of California Berkeley, the New York University, the MIT and the University of Michigan.