Foreign Investment

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Foreign Direct Investment is the investment of funds by people or companies of a country, in real assets of another country, with the purpose of obtaining profits in the future.

Foreign direct investment entails active management of foreign companies. It can also lead to technology and knowledge transfers, usually from the parent company to the subsidiary.


Economic Growth and Development

Given the multiple uses for the term development, it is challenging to find a consensus of its definition because many times the defining of a concept takes into account the purpose of its use and the area of study.

Development is a social condition in which the authentic needs of a population are satisfied with the rational and sustainable use of resources and natural systems. The use of resources is based in technology that respects cultural aspects and human rights. All social groups have access to basic services and organizations such as education, housing, healthcare, nourishment and their traditions and cultures are respected.


Enclave Economy

An enclave economy is an economic region that differs itself from the rest of the economy it integrates. The differences can be observed in companies from one sector to the next, or also by the disparities between the enclave’s culture and that of the surrounding economy. In the latter case, it would be more appropriate to refer to the enclave as a “socio-economic enclave”.