Solar energy

Renewable resources can be used to produce renewable energy than can be used by people, like electricity and heat.

99.9% of earth’s energy comes from the sun. A lot of energy is direct solar energy, but also wind and hydraulic energy come from the sun. Hydraulic energy exists because the heat of the sun and wind work together to move water from low lying to elevated areas. The biomass that may be used as bio-fuel exists due to the photosynthesis process. The energy that comes from the wind exists because the sun’s energy heats different regions in different ways.

Natural resources are those elements provided by nature without human intervention and which can be exploited by mankind to satisfy certain needs.

In addition to natural resources, there are human resources, cultural resources, machinery, real estate, etc. Clearly, there are other types of resources that cannot be provided by nature without human intervention. These other types of resources are indeed, man-made.

Natural resources can be classified as:

Picture of a Mountain

Natural elements are those elements than have been produced by nature, without the intervention of man.

Natural elements can be grouped in:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Animals

We have to take into account that man can produce clons of plants or water made in a laboratory. These man made elements are not natural elements.

Natural Resources and Natural Elements

Resources are said to be the whole of the capacities and elements (both natural and man-made) that can be utilized to produce goods or services or that have an intrinsic value without the need to be modified and are scarce in relation to the current or potential demand.

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