Which of the following is a renewable resource?

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  • Natural gas
  • Wind
  • Solar energy
  • Soybean oil
  • Waves
  • Fossil fuels


  • Natural Gas: No

Natural gas was formed when buried plants where exposed to heat and pressure million of years ago. It’s not renewed after it’s use.

  • Wind: Yes

The wind exists because the sun’s energy heats different regions in different ways. It doesn’t decrease when used.

  • Solar energy: Yes

It doesn’t decrease when used.

  • Soybean oil: Yes

Vegetables have the capacity to grow without exhausting the soil. As long as the impact on soil doesn’t affect future production, it can be considered renewable.

  • Waves: Yes

Waves are generated mainly by wind energy, which is in turn a renewable resource.

  • Fossil fuels: No

It took millions of year to form them. They are not renewed after it’s use.

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