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The Net Present Value

The NPV, or Net Present Value, is the present value, or actual value, of a future flow of funds. The present value of a future cash flow is the current worth of it. To know the current value, you must use a discount rate. The NPV includes not only the positive cash flows, or inflows, but also all expenditures, including the initial investment.

If the NPV is positive, it means that the actual value of all incomes is higher than the actual value of all expenditures, and the investment is desirable, because it adds more value than the best alternative.

About this NPV Calculator

Discount Rate:
It's the rate of return of the best alternative investment. Please use the percentage discount rate. For example, of your discount rate is 0.1, enter "10%".

Initial Investment
The initial investment is the amount spent at period 0. If your project doesn't need an initial investment, leave this field empty. This NPV calculator automatically transforms every initial investment to a negative value.

Cash Flows
The net amount of cash received of lost because of the investment project, at the end of the period. A cash flow can be negative or positive. An investment project can have one ore more periods with negative cash flows. If your project has a negative year, enter the corresponding negative value.

Sale of the Investment: Many projects include the sale of it at the end. If you plan to sell it, please include the sale amount in the last period.